Western Powder Coating is a full service powder coating shop. It was established in 2007 and have been serving Southern Utah with top quality powder coating for the past 9 years. Catering to Commercial as well as personal clients.

We have 2 of the largest ovens Southern Utah and are able to handle large as well as small projects. We are located in Cedar City, Utah at 444 West industrial Rd.

We offer 3 and 5 stage washes which has been tested and documented to last over 2500 hr. salt spray testing to insure a long lasting and durable finish. Our color selection is one of biggest with over 150 colors in stock to choose from.

Russel and Paula Dalton Owners

Location 444 West Industrial Rd.

Cedar City, Utah 84721

Phone 435-867-1978

Russ Dalton – wp@wpcoating.com

Dustin Gillies – dustin@wpcoating.com

Landon Dalton – landon@wpcoating.com